Adam Braverman from Parenthood

Responsibility—who doesn’t look for that in a man? One who will see his duties, and see beyond them. We’ve all read books where the rakehell hero has walked away from everything for one reason or another, until the right heroine pulls him back to society and accepting his place as a grown-up.

Today I’m going to talk about a hero who thinks he’s grown up, until he discovers his life isn’t exactly as he expected it would turn out.

Adam Braverman on Parenthood thought his life was pretty good. He had a beautiful wife, two great kids, a great house, and he was feeling pretty smug. Until he discovered his son, who’d always been a little odd, has Asperger’s. Throughout season one, we see Adam go through the stages of grief. His denial of his son’s problems force the responsibility for Max’s care on Adam’s wife Kristina. She’s the one who arranges for therapist appointments and doctor appointments, which Adam attends, though he argues with the diagnosis.

We see Adam determined to fix Max, visibly portrayed by his determination to make him take off the pirate costume that Max insists on wearing all the time. But in the end, he accepts his son by playing with him, dressed in a pirate costume of his own. (Everybody sigh.)

Of course this isn’t the end of Adam’s story. He doesn’t want his child to be different on two levels—he doesn’t want life to be hard for Max, but he also wants to be the man he thought he was, the man on top of the world. But he charges forward because he knows his son, and his family, depend on him to do so.

That’s heroic to me.

Do you watch Parenthood? I admit I don’t anymore. They changed Adam too much. I do love the portrayal of their marriage, though.

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  1. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 07:09:00

    I watched last season, but Hallie or Hattie or whatever was too much of a whiner for me by the end, so I stopped. My husband still watches it, but everyone is always whining so bad I can’t even listen to it from the other room! LOL

    But yeah, Adam’s struggle to live up to his responsibilities was the main reason I stuck with it in season one.


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