Goals for the Week of Valentine’s Day

I’m excited–Road Signs is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Also, we got our car this week and it’s lots of fun to drive. The seat warmers came in handy the mornings it was in the 20s. But when I took Susan home Thursday afternoon, we opened the sunroof! Whenever I’m looking for my husband, I can find him sitting in the car. He’s in love. We take the long way for everything, and haven’t even used up a half tank of gas.

So, this week…

1)      Survive Valentine’s Day—you would not believe how much these kids, these 4th graders, get into it.

2)      Wrap up one promo and get ready for the next.

3)      Enter the More than Magic contest—it’s easy enough, 3 electronic entries, pay with Paypal. Easy is why I haven’t been entering a lot, sadly. Pure D laziness.

4)      Tutoring

5)      Work on Bluestone

6)      Work on Midnight Sun revisions

7)      Get tax paperwork together

8)      Make doctor and eye doctor appts.

9)      House

10)   exercise

11) I need to cook. I didn’t cook at all this week, and I feel bleh.


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