Goals for the Week Before Valentine’s Day

Wow, last week was weird. Rolling blackouts, a snow day, family drama, and shopping for a new car. This week won’t be any calmer. It’s been hell on my writing, let me tell you. I did finish my GH judging and finished listening to one book and reading another. So at least I’m ahead on that goal.

This week:

1)      Get new car (has become a priority—Fred’s car didn’t survive the freeze, despite precautions)

2)      Finish rough draft of post apoc (unlikely, but hopeful)

3)      Start deconstructing Midnight Sun to give deep revisions requested

4)      TWO faculty meetings, since one was cancelled last week because of weather and rolling blackouts

5)      Promo promo promo

6)      Tutoring

7)      An interview

8)      2 blog posts

9)      Grocery/library (usual Sunday errands)

10)   House

11)   exercise



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