Goals for the Second Week of the Year

The bad thing about getting a new washer? The baskets of laundry now waiting to be folded.

Last week was an AMAZING writing week. Wednesday, my cover. Thursday, finished edits. Friday, a contract. Saturday, after my celebratory dinner, we went to Borders and saw Breaking Daylight on the shelf! I’ve never seen it in the wild, and I didn’t ask them to carry it, so MAJOR awesome.

In my classroom’s newsletter, I wrote that this will be our first normal school week in MONTHS. After school, not so much.

This week:

1)      A friend’s mom died, so I want to go to the Rosary Monday.

2)      Faculty meeting Wednesday

3)      Tutoring two days.

4)      SPN Sisters blog

5)      Judge one GH entry

6)      Promo

7)      Get to halfway point of post-apoc

8)      Get 2/3 through revisions on Bluestone (I’m halfway)

9)      Work on centers for my classroom (my favorite way to teach, thrown off-course this year by my student teacher)

10)   House

11)   Walk three times, though it’s supposed to be absolutely frigid. I got on the boy’s scale and—wow. NOT good. I was MUCH better about not snacking, though. MUCH better.

I need to finish these edits because I cannot find any good pictures of Henry 😦 You’d think as handsome as he is, it would be easy.



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