My Christmas Wish List

While I was spending 15 minutes cleaning off the breakfast bar (about 5 feet long and COVERED with crap, I made a mental list of what I want for Christmas.

1) a husband and son who pick up after themselves. Honestly, you should’ve seen what was out. Garlic salt? Really? And my husband’s side of the bed is carpeted by clothes. Granted, the hamper is, what, 15 feet away, but he’s going that way anyway.

2) Someone, somewhere–here, school–who does something the minute I ask them to do it, whether it’s rotating laundry or bringing me their homework. Just once a day, that would be nice.

3) Patience. You’d think I’d learn not to haunt the inbox after sending a submission, yet I do.

4) Restraint. Hand me a coupon and I have to use it. HAVE TO USE IT. Never mind I have more books than I can read in the next 5 years and enough Bath and Body to open my own store. I have to use the coupon.

5) More time. To, you know, read those books. And to write the 4 books in my head and revise the 2 already written.

6) Okay, and really? I want some of this lady’s jewelry. GORGEOUS stuff.

What do you want for Christmas?



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