Well, THAT’S Over

Why yes. Yes, it did.

Started out the usual way, until I got in the car and saw I was out of gas. Well, I had enough to get to the gas station, but not to work. Then I had to stop for the Panera bagels I promised my class since they had perfect attendance for an entire week (the first time since the first week of school!) Then I got to school and started making the hot chocolate. Someone knocked on my door and it was another 4th grade student crying his eyes out because he was sick but his mom sent him to school so he wouldn’t be counted absent. Of course the nurse wasn’t there yet….

Finally got my class in, we were about to go practice for our program (tonight!) and another teacher came in and said we couldn’t practice because the bilingual classes were making tamales in the cafeteria, which is where the stage is. Now, that’s really nice, but we have a big cafeteria. So why were they set up right by the stage? Argh! So, back to class, panicking because I had to do all the stuff I was going to do in the afternoon in the morning, since we would have to practice in the afternoon. Okay, fine.

Got an email from my student teacher, whose last day was last Wednesday. When he walked off without me filling out any evaluation or anything, I asked another teacher who had a student teacher from the same school. He said, no, we had a ton of forms to fill out. I emailed the supervisor, who emailed me back late Friday, so I didn’t see it until yesterday. He said the student teacher would bring me the paperwork this week. Well, student teacher is on a cruise until Thursday and wants to bring me the paperwork Thursday after school. Well, that’s fine, but I’m not going to fill it out right there. He graduates Sunday. Wouldn’t you think he would have taken care of this before he left??? Is it wrong that this irritates me?

Then I came home and my son brought his girlfriend over. I love her, but I was tired and couldn’t relax. But there was a new Hawaii 5-0 and it was good. But I woke up this AM because the dh kept getting text SPAM! And today will be a long day. Wish me luck!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Trish Milburn
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 11:04:10

    Good luck with the program. And ugh on text spam. If I start getting that, I will be highly annoyed.


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