World Building

So, about this post-apoc story.

The way I’d envisioned it at first, it took place after years after the event, and the town where my heroine and her mother lived had kind of found a way to manage with what they had. People were working again, buildings were in decent repair. They didn’t have a lot of variety of food, but they had enough. They were in the foothills, so kind of out of the way of some more desperate people. My heroine’s dad had been their leader but he died. They’ve been managing…until their peaceful town is invaded.

Which is why I’m thinking now I need to shorten the timeline after the event to maybe 3 years. Or maybe even 2. That would explain the invasion better, I think, and would explain them still having supplies, including fuel (though I could maybe have them have invented a fuel alternative for their vehicles). I’d like there to have been communication again, that the network was rebuilt after the event, only to collapse with the invasion.

Those of you who write paranormals and futuristics–do you world-build on paper? I mean, do you tell the backstory to yourself so you have it down? How do you create the reality for your characters?


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  1. Nate @ The World Building School
    Dec 14, 2010 @ 22:59:02

    I personally like to have my world history written out. That way I have a good idea of what events have happened to lead the world to the stage it is at. Also if there are any major events that the characters would be aware of.

    This can help with allowing the world building to come through your writing as you can do things like add little snippets into dialouge where appropriate.

    All in all, I love world building 🙂

    As for your story, by invasion are you talking about alien invasion? Or a neighbouring country/tribe? Also how come having a shorter time span between invasions will make more sense?

    Hope you’re well



    • mjfredrick
      Dec 22, 2010 @ 08:10:18

      Thanks, Nate. I did write down a bunch of details I want to know ahead of time. I’m sure more will occur to me as I move forward. I’m thinking of an invasion by a neighboring state, and my reason for having the shorter time span between the event and the invasion would make sense, because why would the invaders wait so long to attack? Also, there’s the issue of supplies–they’ll have more supplies if there’s been less time since the event.


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