I know I should expect to be scattered this time of year, especially trying to put on the Christmas program (which is SO much less stressful than last year’s) and wrapping up the semester and praying that this house sale will go through by the end of the year. But I always take refuge from the crazy in writing. My problem right now is that I don’t know exactly what I should be working on.

I wrote the synopsis for my NaNo book this week (still need the query) and I really like it and am anxious to revisit. I plan to submit it to Special Edition after the holidays.

But I have the bodyguard book that’s been thrice rejected that I want to revise and submit elsewhere.

Then Samhain put out the call for a post-apoc novella. I’ve had an idea in the back of my head for years–YEARS–that I would love to trot out, though I’ve never had luck being selected for an anthology. The deadline is March, but still….

See, the problem is, right now I have only 2 books out next year. If I don’t kick some booty (my own), well, I don’t want to lose momentum here.

As of today, I’m working on the bodyguard book. After the tamale festival downtown 🙂


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