Alive, Really

I’m here, really. Just crazy busy. Thank God I don’t have any deadlines right now. Today is my student teacher’s last day (he told me yesterday at lunch he doesn’t have to make up all the days he missed–out of 30 he’s been there 23.) I had planned to work on Cindi and Robert’s websites in return for lunch, so must do that this afternoon since we’re practicing for our program this morning. Yesterday afternoon I made choir “ponchos.” I didn’t want to go to a lot of work for “Silent Night,” since the song’s not that long. I want to write 2 query letters and a synopsis this week, though that’s probably foolish considering publishing will shut down after next week.

I have everyone’s gifts except my son’s. NO idea what to get him. None. I’d love to get him a new laptop, but unless we sell that house (it’s under contract, but the current timeline is Dec. 30 for closing) it’s not going to happen.

Add to the craziness Samhain’s call for post-apocalyptic romance. Y’all. I have serious love for this genre, and have kind of an idea cooking, but…write it WHEN?

Okay, going to try to knock out a query before school. Or maybe the guest blog post due tomorrow.

Oh, and hey, I’m revising a story and I recast the hero. Do you approve?


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