Ask and You Shall Receive

I don’t know what the saying has to do with the dog, but…

So I get a comp day today so my student teacher can have the class to himself. I get the feeling they’re going to eat his lunch. I didn’t want to take today–I wanted Monday, but he has a job interview Monday and couldn’t do it, and next week we start practicing for the program so I couldn’t really miss AFTER Monday, you know? Soooo…the dh is on vacation this week and we’re going to some estate sales and Target and maybe out to lunch.

While I’m waiting for him, I’ve been working on edits on Midnight Sun that Trish read for me. I’ve got a ton of revisions ahead. I need to revise:

My NaNo book

My bodyguard book

A short story that Undone rejected

Gosh, it feels like I have one more, too.

Then I need to write the sequels to my NaNo book, and I have another short story started.

My brain, she must slow down!


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