The Year of No Expectations

Yes, I’m up at a god-awful hour. TERRIBLE dream, couldn’t go back to sleep. I wish I knew why my dreams were so vivid and so constant.


I’ve got to learn how to not plan my day, apparently, because every time I do, it goes in a completely opposite direction. The Thursday before Thanksgiving, for example, when I expected my student teacher to teach while I worked on paperwork (which is never-bloody-ending this year) and he emailed 20 minutes before school started to tell me he wouldn’t be in for the next 2 days.

Or yesterday, when I knew he wouldn’t be there, and I’d teach in the AM, write our script for our winter program in the PM, only to discover a student observer from the community college needed to finish out her observation hours for the semester and was going to spend the day with me. I got NO work done.

So today…no expectations. I’ll take it as it comes.

Yeah, right.

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