I’m back at school for 3 weeks. I get a free day off in there because my student teacher needs to have the class to himself one day, so I’m either taking this Wednesday while the dh is on vacation (he wants to go to estate sales) or next Monday when he’s not. Guess which one I’d prefer?

Anyway, think of me today while I’m twitching from withdrawal.

No Twitter.

No Amazon Lightning Deals (and I didn’t even buy anything this year!)

No Alex O for lunch.

No quiet, quiet mornings with nothing but the cats.

No anything good for lunch—back to packing one. Except maybe Thursday if my student teacher keeps the kids while I make a run to a nearby restaurant.

No sitting in my big chair with a Diet Coke and my 9:00 snack.

No. Nap.

Won’t I be fun the next few days?

I know, I get another break in 3 weeks, but there’s so much to do between now and then!

I finished NaNo, and a couple of hours later, got an R (not on the NaNo book, just to be clear). What an up and down life this is!

I’m editing STTA, so you get JDM for about a week.


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