NaNo Day 12

I realized yesterday and today that I may have to rearrange my scenes. I THINK the midpoint of the story should be when my hero realizes he has more connections to the town and doesn’t really have the desire to leave. The first half he needs to feel more trapped by the choices that landed him here, and the second half, I think, will be him coming to terms with the way his life will change once he commits to staying here. That sounds right, doesn’t it? And then the last turning point will be when he’s sure he wants to stay, but one of the reasons for him to stay is not such a sure thing anymore.

I never usually think in terms of turning points, but when you write so much in such a short time, I think it becomes clearer.

I just have to tell you–that review at All About Romance from yesterday caused the biggest jump in sales for Sunrise, more than any of my blog tours or anything, in one day. Trippy!

Okay, I took today off. My goal for the next 2 days is to write 500 words, do housecleaning for 15 minutes, repeat, until I’m caught up on NaNo, at least. Oh, and also nap.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherrinda
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:12:27

    I’m behind too! Working full time, getting up early, and life in general is really making it hard to keep up the word count. Time change didn’t help any!!!! I am hoping to really put in the time this weekend and catch up. We can do!!!


    • mjfredrick
      Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:13:53

      Yes! This is such a busy time of year at school! I thought having a student teacher would help, but it doesn’t, really, because we have so many testing days. Sigh. Oh well, I have a plan and I’m going for it! Good luck, Sherrinda!


  2. Stephanie
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 10:14:35

    Wishing you all the best with NaNo! Hope you’re writing up a storm 🙂


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