Goals for the First Week of NaNoWriMo

Because it’s the first week, of course I have a TON going on.

1)      Academic Night

2)      Booksigning Saturday at the district’s Academic Arama. I hope I do better than last year. I advertised this year.

3)      Grocery shopping

4)      NaNo!!!

5)      Vote

6)     Finish art fact sheet for Carina for Road Signs (last year’s NaNo book!)

7) Do what I can around the house. I wasn’t able to clean well last week because of my burned hand. I’m still pretty wary of bumping it and now it itches like crazy.


Enjoy this last pic of Alex—he’s not the hero of my NaNo book. He’ll be back for book 3, and the new RS I just came up with, but he has to make way for Henry Cavill.


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