Goals for Week of Teh Crazy

Happy 10-10-10!!! I hope it’s as lucky as they say!

BUSY week ahead. Not as busy as October usually is, but still. All this and the last season of The Tudors on DVD. I think I’m not going to be able to glom them.

1)     Finish edits on short story, due Friday

2)     Edits on Road Signs, due Monday

3)     Shower for teacher who had her baby in August (but told us she was pregnant the last day of school last year. Otherwise we would have had her shower THEN. Also, 3rd grade had a shower in September for THEIR pregnant teacher, so…)

4)     Go to my students’ volleyball game. They’ve been begging me and there are only 2 games left. It may not look like it, but this week is better than next.  It can’t be that long, right? And I’ll just stay at school, get work done, grab dinner, then go.

5)     Dinner with SARAs after Jane Porter’s booksigning at The Twig on Thursday.

6)     My own booksigning at school.

7)     Two guest blogs to turn in and a blog for SPN Sisters

8)     Prepare some promo stuff for a loop event Friday. I need to send it to another author to post for me, since I’ll be at work.

9)     Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork for meetings this week.

10)  Requested revisions on another short story. (this may have to wait)

11)  Revisions on Midnight Sun. (this, too)

12)  House

13)  Walking (I got off schedule last week with the dh home.)


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