Timeline of my Books

I wrote Star Power in June, contracted it in July and it’s out in October. That’s astonishing to me. True, it’s only like 70 pages, but still. I started thinking about the length of time from writing to publication on my other books. Sometimes it was because I was waiting waiting waiting to hear. Sometimes it was a ton of revisions. But here’s what I remember:

Hot Shot: Started writing in 2000. Finalled in Golden Heart and requested by SIM in 2003. Finalled in Golden Heart and had revision call from an editor in 2004. Rejected in 2004. Got agent in 2006. Spent most of 2007 revising. Broke up with agent in 2007. Finalled in the Maggies in 2007. Sold to Samhain in 2007. Book released in 2008. Won Eppie in 2009.

Where There’s Smoke: Started writing in 2002. Finalled in first contest in 2002. Requested by SSE in 2003. My first set of requested revisions in 2003. Entered in Golden Heart in 2004. Sold in 2007, released in 2008.

Beneath the Surface: Started writing in 2004. Finalled in the Golden Heart in 2006. Requested and rejected in 2006 by Harlequin. Was an Emily winner, too, but I forget the year. Sold February 2009, released September 2009.

Don’t Look Back: Started writing in 2005.Finalled in Golden Heart 2006. Was an Emily winner, but I forget the year. Sold to The Wild Rose Press in July 2009. Released in Sept. 2010.

Breaking Daylight: Started writing in 2007. Requested and rejected by Harlequin in 2008. Sold to Samhain in July 2009. Released January 2010.

Bull by the Horns: Started writing in February (2008? I think), sold to The Wild Rose Press in May, published in October.

Sunrise Over Texas: Started writing November 2008. Rejected by Harlequin in 2009. Sold to Carina Press May 2010, released September 2010.

Road Signs: Started writing November 2009. Sold to Carina Press August 2010, released March 2011.

Something to Talk About: Started writing 2008, sold to Lyrical Press June 2010. Expecting revisions any day now. (Who wants to bet they’ll come during NaNoWriMo?)

I’m working on revisions on 2 stories right now, so don’t know if I’m coming or going here 😛

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