Stuff I’m Loving

Despite what the picture conveys, I’m in a pretty good mood.

I LOVED the Supernatural season premiere last night. How often have we Dean Girls wanted to see Dean’s life after hunting, where he gets his HEA? Loved Lisa, loved Ben. Hated Sam’s hair. My husband said, “His voice has changed.” I said, “He’s 27. I hope so.” Anyway, excited to see where this is going.

I’m really into Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie. It’s very clearly a Crusie. I’m planning to curl up with it after I do my chores.

Glee and Hawaii 5-0. Saved Glee, wish I’d saved 5-0. I didn’t like any of the songs particularly in Glee, but I liked the energy and the theme.

I’m loving my new schedule. I’m revising in the AM before work. I’m only doing about 5 pages a day, unless I hit a sweet spot. I’m not really pushing myself since my publishers already have something from me they’re reading. Then I go to work, come home, clean the room of the day, start supper (I cooked every day but Friday! New recipes, too.), get on the couch for my shows and get a little more done on my revising. The house looks good and I feel productive.

I love my class. They’re neat and good and willing to try new things. Also, end of 6 weeks and I only have a few who aren’t getting their work turned in.

What are you loving today?


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