The New TV Season

This week is my very favorite week. Yup, better than my birthday (which usually includes TAKS stress) or Christmas or Spring Break (okay, maybe not Spring Break).

It’s Season Premiere Week! Since I was a girl, this week has always been special. It always happened shortly after school was out, and the days were getting shorter. We’d get the TV Guide from the store—an extravagance—and pore over the new shows, what we’d want to watch. This was the day before VCRs, so we had choices to make.

We’d come home, eat an early dinner, take early baths, get in our pjs and head to the living room. Mom would make it cozy, with a thick blanket on the floor, and she’d make special snacks like popcorn or caramel apples, and we’d watch TV until our bedtime. Is it any wonder I love TV?

So, this week, I’m having popcorn one night, baked apples another (caramel ones are too messy), and I want peanut butter M&Ms. As for special dinners, maybe not, unless pizza one night. As for the schedule, well, you may want to look away, because this can get hairy.

Monday (thank God for Tivo!)

How I Met Your Mother

Lone Star

The Event


Hawaii 5-0



The Good Wife



The Middle


Modern Family

Thursday (this is the scary one)

My Generation

Vampire Diaries (after I get caught up on the DVDs)

Big Bang Theory

Fringe (after I get caught up on the DVDs)

Sh** My Dad Says

The Office

Grey’s Anatomy


Supernatural (wow, really? Only one show?)

Haven (until it’s over)

What are you watching this week?

I’ve finished contracted revisions for the time being, and starting self-imposed ones. You get Henry back for the week!


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