California Trip, Sunday

Sunday morning we wanted to go to Morro Bay. When I was a kid, tradition was that Grandma and Grandpa took us to Morro Bay for fish and chips the first night. We went to the car parade instead, so we thought this would be a good time. Only thing was, we had to be back at the church at 11:45 to help set up for the party. So we drove out for breakfast. Um, not the same. Very foggy, very cold, though we did get a couple of souvenirs. But breakfast isn’t the same as fish and chips.

We got back to the church, set up in less than half an hour, since ALL of us were there, and went down the street to McClintock’s for lunch. Only Fred, Josh and I weren’t hungry, but we wanted to visit, so we did. It was a cool place! Then we went back to the motel, changed for the party, and went back to the church.

People got up to say something about Grandma, and being me, I couldn’t think of anything until later! I really liked what Sue said, about my grandmother being so accepting, that Grandma always treated Sue’s kids as her own blood. I could expand on that. All of Grandma’s children divorced, but Grandma still loved the first spouse, like my mom. In fact, my aunt Barbara’s first husband was at the party! It was lovely to see him. (Weird aside—that day would have been Barbara and George’s 40th anniversary, married in the same church where this party was. My cousin Gayle and I were flower girls.)

Again, getting close to Grandma was a trick! Every time I’d sit down with her, someone would call me away!

At the end of the party, Fred said something to Gary about me wanting to go to the Pioneer Museum. I’d known time would be tight, so something had to give. Well, Gary is a volunteer at the museum, so he took us on a whirlwind tour in about an hour. It is an AWESOME museum. If you ever get to go, GO. My grandmother’s father’s milk wagon is there, as well as cool surreys and coaches, and a one-room schoolhouse.

After that we went back to Atascadero (we went down that road 3 times in 4 days.) When we got there, the family was sitting in the living room (with a great view of the hills, since Janice’s house is on top of one!) Janice asked if I wanted wine. Gayle and I went to get some, and I never went back in the room! We started reheating leftovers and chopping up a salad, then we went out to sit on the deck and watched little frogs crawl out from under the covered spa. It was gorgeous weather once the sun went down! We laughed and cried and just really enjoyed each other.

It was hard to leave, because I knew I wouldn’t see my aunts or cousins before I left.


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