Goals for the Week of Family Reunion

Went shopping last night with my dh and BOY was that fun. I’m not a shopper to begin with–I like to go in, get what I want and leave. So I was moving pretty fast, because he was tired and his back hurt from mowing his mom’s lawn earlier in the day. Honestly, y’all, it was like shopping with a toddler. AND he didn’t find anything he liked, so we have to go back today!

On the happy side, I finished painting yesterday. All I need to do is vacuum and put the light switch plates back on and I’m done. It’s a little sad, because I don’t think I spent that much time in Renea’s house during my whole marriage, and I think it’s been good for the dh and me to work together like that. But it’ll be nice not to have to go anywhere on weekends anymore.

Okay, so this week is a busy one. This whole MONTH is a busy one!

1)     Galleys for Star Power—due this week

2)     Revisions on Road Signs

3)     One more guest blog—running out of ideas!

4)     library

5)     District assessments

6)     Mail out Sunrise postcards

7)     Do stuff for family reunion, like get dh new clothes!

8)     Enjoy family reunion!


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