Goals for the last week of June

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Goals for the Last Week of June

1) Barbecue with my cp and her daughter, who I haven’t seen in 7 years

2) Catch up with Cindi, whose oldest son’s birthday is today

3) Grocery store

4) Library

5) Finish revisions on short story and submit (Halfway through the 65 pages already)

6) Finish revisions to Road Signs and submit (I’m up to p. 100 already)

7) Work on new short story

8) Newsletter (MUST) and website—hope I get the final copy of my Sunrise cover soon!

9) Read Coven for Trish

10) Contest entry

11) Go to 1 more bookstore to see if they’ll order Surface

12) A day with Mom and BB

13) Continue exercising

14) Clean house and yard—brush pick-up is this week



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