Goals for the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!

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The other day I realized that I was listening to the second Sookie Stackhouse book when I was getting my room ready, and that doesn’t seem that long ago At ALL. And yet….this is the year that won’t end.

Cindi told me that she had her students (5th graders) write about their elementary experience and all the kids I had wrote lovely things about me. That made me feel really good. This class…yeah, that won’t happen.

So, lots to do this week.

1) Revisions on STTA

2) Get room ready.

3) Finish paperwork

4) Grocery store (must remember to get good packing tape.)

5) House?

6) Exercise?

Enough. I’m not cooking this week. The dh will cook tonight and tomorrow, but the rest is take-out. Too bad I have to go to the grocery store anyway.


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