You Make It Look Easy

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I’ve made all my sales since I’ve been working at this school, starting in October 2007, when I signed two contracts. I’ve sold 6 full-length manuscript and 4 novellas. One of the teachers said I made it look easy.


Trish said she was making a master submission list of all her projects, which made me curious about my own. My list isn’t complete, because it starts in 2002, but I submitted Hot Shot 35 times to publishers and agents before finally contracting it with Samhain.

Surface–11 places.

STTA–14 and still looking.

Easy. I guess it seems that way from the outside, though only Sunrise Over Texas and the novellas have been written since 2007. The others were wrangled and revised and shelved and revised….

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. But am I giving up? Nope. Don’t have that in me.


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