The Days Are Dragging

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The days always drag now, when I’m not desperate to cram 5 courses in a day, and still make it to computer lab. We’re at centers a good chunk of the morning, which is more time efficient, but makes for a long morning. Not to mention Problem Child is in a mood this week. Remember the paperwork I filled out to get him on medication? I won’t see any results before the year is out, I’m sure.

Today is a field trip and I’m not taking him, so his grandfather said he’d keep him home. Fine. I’m taking off tomorrow. Four days without that stress, then only 14 more.

Our dryer broke Tuesday morning. The dh got a part for it yesterday, only $40, a bargain, considering we’ve had the dryer over 11 years. So before we went out to dinner last night, I got a load of towels rewashed and in the dryer. Clean towels–whee! I’m washing another load now, and drying the dark clothes I put in last night before bed.

Dinner last night–my dad sent me a gift card for a restaurant called Biga on the Banks. We were told it was a dress-up place. The dh couldn’t wear jeans and had to wear a jacket. I wore one of my floaty skirts. We had reservations, and had a table by the window overlooking the San Antonio River, on the quiet end. EVERYTHING was good, from the iced tea to the way-too-big steak (I’m not adventurous. The dh had bouillabaisse.) to the fruit crumble for dessert. It was the fanciest restaurant I’ve ever been to, and would definitely return, once I’m comfortable dropping that much money for dinner. The server was Australian and when I told her my dad got me the gift card for my birthday, she had the kitchen write “Happy birthday” on the plate with the dessert, and they put a candle on it for me to blow out. Wasn’t that sweet?

Okay, I’ve been up an hour now. Need to hit the revisions. I’m on the second half of the book, but that’s where most of the changes will be.

Oh, and tonight’s the season finale of SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!



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