Rooting for Success

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And it ain’t over. I thought about taking a mental health day tomorrow, but it’s still Teacher Appreciation Week and the admins are doing fun stuff, so next Friday might be a better choice. I have to survive a field trip first, though. I called 2 parents yesterday and one of the students got so mad he called me a “h-o-e,” (my girls spelled it out for me.) Yes, it’s Problem Child. Thing was, he was GOOD last week. He behaved 4 days in a row. BUT his grandfather (who has custody) promised to buy him a new game if he got a sticker on Friday, and he got a sticker on Friday, and no game. Um, THANKS, Grandpa. I filled out the paperwork for the kid to get on medication over 2 weeks ago. Hey, I’d drive Grandma to the doctor MYSELF to turn it in.

We’ve been having Spurs Spirit Day at school (any excuse to wear jeans this time of year) but I don’t think it’s helping. They’ve dropped two in a row.

We got 2 magazines this week, EW and Rolling Stone, with Robert Downey Jr on the cover. Now, I’ve long appreciated RDJ. The dh, when he was younger and thinner, resembled RDJ so much that when I showed my son a picture of RDJ when he was 5, he thought it was his dad. I loved RDJ on Ally McBeal and I’m really happy that he’s clean and having success now. I guess I feel invested in his success because of the perceived connection between him and the dh, but he’s one person I’m really happy for.

Another person I love to see succeed is Jennifer Aniston. I don’t know much about this woman, but I just loved her on Friends and she seems like a genuinely nice person. I’m not particularly Team Aniston in the conflict between her and Angelina, because I think Angelina is cool, but I really want happiness for Jennifer.

There’s an author I know who was a Golden Heart finalist with me in 2007. I remember sitting in the awards ceremony with my fingers crossed that she would win, because I had a feeling it would mean more to her than to me. She didn’t, but has gone on to great success, writing her second series now. I don’t know why I connected with this writer more than others. I didn’t really know her outside of loops and blogs at the time. I’m still her cheerleader, though I’m behind on her series.

Do you ever have connections like that, with people you don’t really know?

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