The Art Show

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Mom, BB and I went to an arts and crafts show this weekend. There were dozens of artists (much smaller than it’s been in the past, but it was later than usual and in a different location) and we wandered about. The thing was, we were there pretty early, and it wasn’t crowded and so a lot of the artists and artisans started talking to us. Well, BB takes art appreciation/history classes and knows a lot about art, and when you start talking to people and know their story, and see how nice they are–well, if we’d had it, we would have spent $1000 each. And the thing is, BB and I, especially, will talk. One artist had painted a map of downtown Seguin, where I spent many summers, with all the landmarks that I remembered, so of course I had to tell her. BB is the kind who would say, “Oh, look at the colors in that one, look at the flow,” and the artist would start talking to him about technique, or where they were when they painted it or how they came up with ideas. (Why didn’t Mom chime in? She couldn’t get a word in edgewise!)

Our other problem is that BB and I are both very sentimental about being Texan. (I’m more so now because of him.) At this fair there were a LOT of Texas paintings. I told BB if I sell my Texas historical, he has to buy me one of the paintings.

How do you fare if you go to an arts and crafts show? Do you feel bad if you don’t buy something from someone you had a conversation with? Do you avoid conversation? And when did I get so friendly?

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