Goals for Teacher Appreciation Week

I‘m promoting Beneath the Surface at Coffee Time this week. Go read an excerpt and comment for a chance to win a gift certificate!

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24 days of school. Last year, Teacher Appreciation week was lots of fun, with activities every day. One of the activities was that an aide would stay with the class while the teachers watched a teacher-inspired movie. (We watched Freedom Writers.) We got popcorn and water while we did, and 2 blissful kid-free hours. Not this year, sadly, but we do get free lunch on Wednesday.

1) enter grades so progress reports can go out at the end of the week

2) faculty meeting

3) use my dad’s gift certificate to go out to eat

4) work on short story for Samhain

5) work on Queen

6) start promoting regularly at Coffeetime and elsewhere

7) try not to go crazy with the waiting

8) keep up house and cook more

9) exercise

10) sew?? I have two pieces of fabric, one already cut out!


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