Kitties, Testing and Writing

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On Tuesday, the first morning of testing, the custodian found a box of 6 kittens (too young to leave their mother) that someone had dumped at our school. Can you believe? This is the third batch of kittens since I’ve been there, one batch being Mama Kitty’s brood. Thank goodness they had a PTA program that night because we could only find 2 teachers to take them. See, we get dogs dumped a lot, too, and many of them have taken home dogs/puppies, as well as kittens from those other two litters.

Testing is done for us (well, we have a district test next week, but…) Today we have to keep quiet because 5th grade is testing. We’re cramming science for the next 3 days for that district test, then I want to start doing centers again. Not sure if it will be possible with problem child, but maybe if I don’t count on centers as grades I can do it.

I’m rewriting the climactic scene in Queen, then have the romantic stuff to do. I also need to add a scene earlier in the book, then go back through one more time to build romantic conflict and find continuity errors. I’m DYING to stay home to write, but the earliest I could do that is the middle of next week. At least there’s no more tutoring and I can get home at a decent time tonight. I’m going to check the Tivo early because it didn’t record Glee, Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife and….something else. Grrr.

I thought I’d get up early again because Stormy was scratching at the door at 3 AM (this is new). I fell back asleep, though. Yay, me!

#PuppyDogEyesOfDooooooooom Thursday on Twitpic

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