Book Releases, The Losers, TAKS testing

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Yesterday went by REALLY quickly. We did math almost the whole day in preparation for today’s TAKS test. Please please please let some of it have stuck! I came home and tried to nap, since I didn’t sleep hardly at all the night before, but I couldn’t. The dh and I decided to go see The Losers at one of those theaters that serves dinner, so we drove a bit down the road and had hamburgers and hotdogs and a beer while watching the movie, which I loved, but then, I was loving the whole experience. It was expensive, but we never do stuff like that. In fact, this movie and Clash are the only movies I remember paying full price for. The theater was empty, but that could be that it was Monday night….it was a good, action-packed movie.

Today Elisabeth Naughton’s new series releases. MARKED is already on my phone. (Yes, another series to start!) Savor the Moment, by La Nora, is also out. I ended up buying it from because Amazon didn’t have a Kindle version!

I’m going to save my Sam W pictures for a bit. I’m not using him in the book I’m revising and it’s making me nervous because I WANT to be working on his book.

Jared Radalecki has big ass hand!Pr0n for  @mturner91 @mischa... on Twitpic

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