Goals for the Week of TAKS

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Fiesta’d yesterday—King William parade and fair, stopped for a drink at a local patio bar, hiked back to the car. I got a bit of a sunburn and came home so tired! Watched Avatar again when I got home and just vegged.

This will be the week for vegging, with the kids testing. Can’t do anything but monitor. Maybe then I can figure out the right ending for this short story—and for Queen. One of these days I’m going to come up with the ending first.

1) survive 2 days of my kids testing, and a third day of 5th grade testing, which means our kids have to be quiet

2) finish revisions on short story for Samhain

3) finish revisions on Queen

4) sew gray skirt, cut out blue dress

5) go see The Losers (dh’s back went out Friday night, spoiled that plan for last week)

6) grocery

7) exercise

8) house

9) yard



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MaryC
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 16:50:43

    Good luck with testing. We have it this week (Mon, Tues, Wed.) and next (Wed, Thurs, Fri). I'll be SO glad when it's over.


  2. MJFredrick
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 20:32:06

    Thanks! Good luck to you, too. I'll tell my kids to be glad they don't have FIVE DAYS! Yikes! We have 3, but they're spread out. Writing was in March, Reading and Math this week, then it's over.


  3. MaryC
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 15:44:19

    Actually by the time it's done, we have 8 days of it. 3 this week, 3 next week and 2 Science at the end of May/beginning of June.That should really make them grateful. 🙂


  4. MJFredrick
    Apr 29, 2010 @ 18:24:45

    I told my kids and they feel sorry for your kids! We're done, now to wait. Sigh.


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