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Today was the last day of tutoring! We were given the option to cancel but I figured, with the test next week….so we stayed and I actually got home before 5. I guess everyone was off for Fiesta. We’re off tomorrow for the parade. I’m waiting to Fiesta on Saturday–it’s kinda pricey.

I had to share two things my kids said this week that cracked me up. I was talking to Brandon and he was telling me that when he was little, a bee stung him on his nose. He said he went inside and his grandpa gave him a piece of bacon.

“To put on your nose?” I asked, thinking it was some cure I’d not heard of.

“No, I ate it,” he said, just as serious as he could be. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Yesterday–well, let me give you some background. I collect the pencils from my kids and keep them in a bucket. I don’t let them use the electric sharpener because they’ll run it down. Whenever a kid needs a pencil, I tell them, “You know where the pencils live.” I’ve said it for years.

Yesterday, Vivian needed a pencil. I said, “Vivian, where do the pencils live?”

Across the room, Alfredo said, “Pennsylvania.” AHAHAHAHA!!!



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