Goals the Week of Traffic Duty

moar funny pictures

Of course you know my traffic duty week would be one of the two full weeks in April. Sigh. At least I get to leave early M, W and F, since I have to be at school earlier.

1) Traffic duty

2) Work on MIL’s house. We’re really mostly done but haven’t been able to get over there since Spring Break.

3) 7000 words on the RS

4) finish revisions on Queen, start revisions on Road Signs (again)

5) exercise (maybe take the dog for walks to appease her need to wander)

6) keep up house (I was really glad I’d been doing this when the police detective came over the other night with not much warning!)

Huh. Not too bad. If I can survive the 7:45-4:15 part of the day!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MaryC
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 09:50:46

    Good luck, Mary. I had to laugh at the keeping up the house part because that's the second thing I thought of when you said the police detectives had come. The first thing was what great research for a story. *g*


  2. MJFredrick
    Apr 11, 2010 @ 15:48:52

    LOL, Mary, we have the same thought process! All we had to do to get ready was to move the clothes baskets out of the living room 🙂


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