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The first chapter of Beneath the Surface is up for your reading pleasure! Check it out!

I am very intrigued by this new series for The Wild Rose Press. I have an idea, now to find time to write it! I have a plan for now until June, including finishing this romantic suspense, revising vampire hunters and a sweet romance I wrote about 10 years ago, writing a novella for TWRP and one other novella. I’m very excited! Only about a third of the way through the RS, though.

The following is a new series we’re kicking off for LROS. There is a yahoo loop devoted to the details. If interested, please follow the appropriate submission guidelines or ask questions through the same toqueryus@thewildrosepress.com. Please feel free to spread this to your writing loops, etc.

Rhonda Penders

Did you ever wonder what happened to . . .
The Prom Queen? The guy most likely to serve time in a federal prison? The couple voted most likely to succeed?
If intrigued with the opportunity to rewrite a bit of history . . . or exact a little revenge. . . .

The Last Rose of Summer invites you to a reunion of

The Class of ’85

Dear fellow alumna,
Hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we last walked the halls of Summerville High. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on with former classmates?
The Reunion Committee has worked hard to plan a fabulous, fun-filled three day celebration on the last weekend in June at the historic Summerville Inn.
Come for one day or all three—but register early for the SHS package discount.
Bring your spouse or come stag. You won’t believe the surprises waiting for you!

RSVP to KathyCottrell@thewildrosepress.com

Details which must be included in every submission:
* Summerville is a medium size city on the shores of Lake Ontario in Western New York State.
• Some students may still live in Summerville, others might be returning for the first time since graduation. They might make it back for the celebration; they might not.
• The above invitation will kick off the story but it is the concept of “whatever happened to . . .” which is the key element.
• The reunion might be one feature of the story, only a side-note as in a ‘regrets-only’ RSVP phone call. The common thread among all Class of ’85 stories will be the invitation above. It is up to the author to take it from there.
• The Hero or Heroine [or both] must be a member of the Class of ’85.

* Story length: 7,500—40,000 computer word count
* Sensuality level: sweet to sensual [no erotica]
* As always, it MUST be a romance with protagonists who have realistic goals, motivation and conflict—along with a HEA ending.

Submit to: queryus@thewildrosepress.com with “Class of ’85” in the subject line.

What do you notice about Sam W that you don’t notice about my other heroes? Look how little he is! Only 5’9. I usually go for big guys. But he has a big voice, so…


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