Rant Ahead

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We just got back from the movies and holy cow, there were a lot of people. Every seat was full. I enjoyed the movie (duh) BUT…

WHY DON’T PEOPLE SHUT UP? OMG!!! There were three teens behind the dh who Never. Stopped. Talking. I gave them my best
teacher glares but none of it worked. I wanted to say something but didn’t think the dh would appreciate me getting him in
a fight.

Then the family beside me. A mother, two kids and an older woman (grandma, maybe?) The mother either kept explaining the movie to her kids or asking what was said in the movie because she was busy explaining it to her kids. GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ.

On a lighter side, we had some good previews. The dh mentioned that we were at the remake of an 80s movie and saw previews for remakes of other 80s movies–Karate Kid and Robin Hood. The Expendables had a ton of 80s stars and looks good. And THE LOSERS, the new JDM movie. Whee!


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