Writing Kids

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Writing kids has never been something I wanted to do, probably because I’m a teacher, and dang, I want to have some away time. I definitely never wanted to write teen-agers. I mean, they’re moody and make bad decisions and, well, you know. It’s hard to focus on romance when you have to worry about kids.

Except…I’m watching Parenthood. I love love love Peter Krause and Monica Potter’s characters. Their relationship is so real and solid as they deal with their son with Aspergers and their teen-aged daughter and her “Facebook official” romance. This week, I loved how Monica looked from her daughter to her husband to watch his reaction, and I absolutely saw the romance there, wanting to see the man you love react to his daughter’s first boyfriend. I don’t know if I could write something like that, but I understand it now, how a reader can fall in love with a hero who has that protective instinct, that fear of losing his child to adulthood.

Sooo, maybe I’m not ready to write a single dad story, but I may go dig in my TBR for some Karen Templetons.

Is anyone else watching Parenthood? I saw Natalie posted somewhere that it’s too negative, but I love the interplay between family members. I do wish they’d quit making such bad decisions, but like I said, I love Peter Krause and Monica Potter, so I’m sticking.



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