A Day in the Life

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Yesterday was a weird one because I got a rejection on one project and galleys on another. The rejection was not unexpected, since a friend was recently rejected for a similar reason–most of the conflict stemmed from backstory/emotional baggage. Still, it’s The Book that I Love. I want to find a good home for it.

I had a really productive day yesterday.

7:10 Woke up, ate breakfast and surfed my favorite sites

8:00 worked on short story, finished it up

9:00 opened my new RS, realized I already had 500 words, so only needed 500. Finished those JUST as the dh walked in at

10:00 I cleaned the kitchen while waiting for him to get ready to go to his mom’s.

10:35 left for his mom’s, stopping at the library on the way to return unread books. The dh worked on the weeds in his mom’s yard while I cleared off all the furniture in preparation for the Salvation Army, who are coming for the furniture Thursday. We filled the trash can again (in SA, we have trash pick-up once a week, and have one huge trash can, but it’s not big enough for this job.)

12:00 left his mom’s to go get lunch.

1:00 went to nap

3:30 Got up, checked the mail, saw the R, but also my pink Croc sandals, did more kitchen cleaning, cut out 3 skirts (2 at one time, since they’re the same pattern)

Did other stuff in between, hung up clothes, realized I didn’t have glue for my collage, swept the mud room while the dh blew off the patio with the leaf-blower, then swept the house.

5:30 left for dinner, saw ds’s girlfriend, made plans for a movie night tonight. I froze to death because I was wearing my pink Croc sandals

7:00 Left restaurant for Walgreens. Got milk and glue and candy.

7:30 Came home and showered, then did edits on Road Signs. Then did my collage. Everything was crossed off my list, so I watched Mercy, Parenthood and started Grey’s Anatomy but couldn’t pay attention.

11:00 Started galleys. Oops. Made 10 pages before I called it quits.

If only all my days can be so productive!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marianne Arkins
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 05:13:46

    Sorry about the R … internal conflict doesn't count anymore? Really?huh.


  2. Natalie J. Damschroder
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 18:32:50

    That's one amazing day!Sorry about the R, too, but at least it wasn't related to your writing. You can take some consolation in that.


  3. MJFredrick
    Mar 15, 2010 @ 20:43:29

    Marianne, they want internal, but it can't be about what happened to the character in the past. Something has to drive it in the present, apparently. I guess that conflict is still my big problem.Thanks, Natalie. I've got two more days like that under my belt. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a down day 🙂


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