The Alarm is OFF for the Week

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Not that I actually SLEEP until the alarm, but it’s nice to know I won’t have to worry about it for a week.

Did the boy’s taxes last night–first time I’ve seen him since Sunday! We had dinner together and watched Up in the Air together and did taxes together. Aww. Won’t see him today.

I hope to finish my short story today. I have the hero groveling scene left, but I can’t always pull those off as well as I’d like. Regardless, I’m making my collage tonight and starting Midnight Sun tomorrow.

There are 2 sites I visit every day in addition to Twitter and Google Reader…my Amazon wishlist and my Fictionwise wishlist, looking for sales. I have 35 books on my Amazon wishlist, most Kindle books, but some not. I have 58 books on my Fictionwise wishlist. I have dozens of unread books on my phone, and hundreds on my shelf. I hardly read paper anymore, though. I’m just not getting to Temptation Ridge by Robyn Carr, and I bought that book when it came out over a year ago! I checked out Soulless from the library and it’s been here 6 weeks (I renewed) unopened. Due tomorrow. I’m reading a lot more with digital books, and hope to read a lot this week. But wait until you see my list…maybe not!


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