Two More Days

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Yesterday was a very productive day. I got 6 pages written BEFORE school! I paid bills, went to work, got some papers graded despite the fact that we had a meeting during planning time. We were supposed to stay for a meeting after school too but I was dismissed. I was in my car before they could change their minds! Got home, went to the bank, went for a walk (OMG, am out of shape. I had my phone and a parent called to ask about her son and I was breathing so heavy! Probably scared her.) Did laundry, went to Subway for supper, did other stuff I don’t remember. So today will likely be a dud.

Another teacher and I are switching problem children today. Yesterday started well and ended well, but the middle! I had 2 parents and a lady from the main office in my classroom yesterday, too. Nooooo!!!!


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  1. Kelly Boyce
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 09:17:02

    Check you out! Way to go with the 6 pages!


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