This Weekend and Oscars

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I wish the Oscars had been NEXT weekend. I was up until almost midnight, then awake by 5. Oops.

I got my haircut this weekend (turns out it looks just like Maggie Gyllenhall’s. WAY shorter than I wanted) and caught up on my word count for the short story. Only about 4 scenes to go. I want to be done by Friday so I can start a new book over Spring Break. We went to my MIL’s for about half an hour–we forgot garbage bags. We should be mostly done by the end of March. Yay. I bought Turbo Tax and plan to get started on that tonight. We went to JoAnn’s twice because they have seaside themed decor this year, and since the dh won that dolphin, I’ve wanted to redecorate in a seaside theme. I’ll post a picture later. I bought my pink Croc sandals on Amazon, so yay! No more gift card, now.

I need to go to work to relax! (HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

Did y’all see Sam in his dorky glasses last night? Adorable!


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