Interesting Stuff Found at my MIL’s

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We spent a lot of time cleaning at my MIL’s this weekend. Yes, I know, we should have sold the house already, but, well, the dh is not one to take action, so of course it falls to me.

We found:

3 boxes of pecans under the bed

a Future Map of the USA, apparently as a result of global warming, where CA is islands and Austin is ocean-front property. It’s dated to have happened by 2001. Um. Still, I’m using this for my post-apocalyptic novel.

A paraphrased Bible the dh’s ex-girlfriend gave him.

Love letters from me to the dh

Something like a dozen curtain sheers still in the packet

3 hair dryers–the old fashioned kind you sit under

All of my dh’s report cards and ribbons (to be honest, I have all of my son’s, but not all in one place)

3 boxes of my son’s baby clothes (I cried.)

My wedding dress (finally!)

Has inspired me to cull my own belongings though!

I am enjoying the time with the dh.


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