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I’m still on the craft disc of the RWA conference discs. I listen almost every day on the way to work. Some of them are things I’ve already learned, some, I hate to say, I can’t listen to because some of the speakers turn me off. I think of my grandmother’s saying: “I wish I could buy them for what they’re worth and sell them for what they think they’re worth.” One in particular kept alluding to the other workshops she gives, and wasted so much time that I didn’t get much out of the workshop she was giving.

But I’ve heard some good ones, too, particularly on PR. The Billionaire Tycoon’s Secret Promotional Baby was good but cut short by the fire alarm. 20 Questions to a Killer PR Plan is excellent. Also, Online Promotion B(u)y the Book is good. I’m right now listening to one on Body Language that’s interesting but not as writing related as I hoped.

Have you heard any good workshops from RWA?

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