A Book You Should Read

I finished reading this novella today, and it was SO GOOD. I was a bit confuzzled when I began, because it starts with a 70-year old woman returning from the funeral of her husband. I told the dh and he said, “Maybe it’s a time travel.”

It was and it wasn’t, kind of like the movie PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED. The bulk of the story took place in a small town in West Texas in the 50s, where Christina has met the love of her life, while her mother is railroading her to marry another man (the husband whose funeral she just attended), trying to get her away from this boy. Christina, with 70 years of experience in an 18 year old body–a dream come true 😉 ) is trying to figure out why she’s back here, and if she can change her future.
It was lovely and sweet, and I only wish it could have been longer! Check it out here.

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