Goals the Week Before Easter

Holy cow, I’m tired. I finished a book, formatted for print and e-book, took out some ads, revised a short story, worked on the Booklovers Buffet website and uploaded the new book to lots of places. That was just the past two days! I also wrote 14 pages since I finished the other book. Really REALLY want to be a fulltime writer because the rest of my life needs attention. I have new fabric, I need to repot some plants and clean patio furniture–but no time! SO glad this is a 4-day workweek, though I have breakfast duty AND will be taking my friend Susan to school because she was in a fender bender on Friday and her car will be in the shop. That means I need to leave the house at 6:15 all week. Two days she has to stay late, so I’ll take my computer and work those days, I guess.


  1. Work on novella
  2. Breakfast duty
  3. Figure out how to upload to Apple
  4. Visit the Romance Bandits blog since Trish got us a spot advertising Cloudy
  5. Newsletter
  6. Update website
  7. Address graduation announcements
  8. Clean/cook/exercise

Fred had two gigs and a band practice last week and is looking at 3 practices this week, so I won’t have to cook SO much. On the downside, I’m getting a little tired of take-out and am not making good choices :(

Goals the Week We Launch Starfish Shores 2


Fred has two gigs and two nights of practice this week, which means I’ll largely be left to my own devices. Hopefully that includes a lot of writing. The other night I caught up on all the shows I TiVo for myself, shut off the TV, went to bed and worked for an hour and a half or so, and got a LOT done. I’m going to employ that method this week.

Yesterday we went to the Starving Artist Show, an annual event at La Villita, and I didn’t get home until 3. I promptly crashed and SLEPT UNTIL ALMOST 7 PM! We went to dinner at 8! And I still was asleep by midnight. Was TIRED!

This week I have ALL my classes. This is unusual because every other week is Boy Scouts (literally) and there are always other interruptions.

This week:

  1. Launch new Starfish Shores (not sure exactly what we’re doing yet…)
  2. Start new novella
  3. HOPEFULLY get observed.
  4. Work on a website for indie books for a Facebook party we’re having in May.
  5. Go see Captain America!
  6. Finish revisions
  7. Clean/cook/exercise

Doesn’t look like much, but it’s occupying my mind!

Excerpt from Starfish Shores: Cloudy with a Chance of Love

“I was thinking if I didn’t find him, he was going to drown,” she shot back, her voice raspy from the salt water. She pulled the blanket closer around her, clearly miserable in her wet clothes. “I couldn’t just wait—I didn’t know how long it would take anyone to get here.”

“So you just grab something and throw yourself in the water?” The guy she’d pulled out of the water had been nearly twice her size. When he’d recognized her, fighting her way back to shore, he swore his heart stopped for a minute before he’d charged into the water afterwards. He flexed his toes in his wet socks. His shoes would never be the same.

“I’m certified,” she told him. “I’ve been thinking about applying for Search and Rescue. It’s part of the reason I came back to Starfish Shores.”

Search and Rescue? She was probably a buck twenty right now, drenched to the skin, slender, not even up to his shoulder in her bare feet. How could she think she could rescue someone?

But then, she just had, hadn’t she?

She looked past him at the ambulance where the other paramedics were working, surrounded by the young man’s friends, who were clinging to each other. “He’s okay, right?”

“Drunk as a skunk,” the paramedic kneeling before her said. “Puking up moonshine and sea water. But he should be okay. Brave thing you did out there.” He packed up his stuff, then rested his arms on his thighs, looking up at her. “Keep those cuts clean and you’ll be fine. And get out of those wet clothes and into a warm shower as soon as you can.” He rose and winked. “You can give me a call if you need help with any of that.”

New Stories from Starfish Shores!


The newest Starfish Shores collection is now available, this one set on a rainy Spring Break in Alabama. Right now it’s just available at Amazon, but should be on BN and Kobo by the end of the day.

Welcome back to Starfish Shores, Alabama, where the sands are white as sugar, the water a gorgeous blue-green, and love is in the spring break air despite a rainy forecast. After all, being trapped indoors isn’t always a bad thing.

Best Laid Plans
By Tanya Michaels

In college, Cassidy Hunt had a hot spring break fling with Starfish Shores local Jake Donavan–never anticipating that years later he would help her through a painful divorce and become a long distance friend. Now, on the verge of starting a new high-powered marketing job in Chicago, and on the verge of turning thirty, Cassidy is allowing herself one more steamy week with Jake. Except, this time, he wants more than a fling. Using his seductive powers of persuasion, can he coax her into returning his feelings?

Between the Rainbows and the Rain
By MJ Fredrick

Melody Servantes, daughter of a career criminal, returns to Starfish Shores wanting to erase her past and show the people of the coastal town that she’s made something of herself as the manager of one of the larger hotels. Sheriff Whit Calhoun remembers snapping cuffs on the dark-haired beauty years ago, when he was just a deputy. Now she’s back and intriguing as hell. When a rash of car burglaries in hotel parking lots forces them to work together, will her past come back to haunt them both?

The End of the Rainbow
By Trish Milburn

LeeLee Kern is a woman on a mission. In the wake of her ex-husband’s betrayal, she’s determined to make a better life for herself and her young daughter. That’s why in addition to her full-time job at the Top Tier Bakery, she’s also taking college classes and preparing to launch her own catering business. But when she loses her home in a fire, with all her catering equipment inside, her dreams seem reduced to ash. What she doesn’t expect is to gain something even more precious – a second chance at love with sexy, kind-hearted firefighter Heath Whittaker, just the balm her burned-by-love heart needs.

Goals the Week of Testing


Fred and I had a lovely day driving around the Texas Hill Country yesterday. I felt bad because Josh came into town unexpectedly, and we’d already had plans. Fred said Josh didn’t come to see us anyway, he came to see his girlfriend, so we went. We drove up to Driftwood for BBQ from The Salt Lick, which was an INTERESTING place. Beautiful setting, huge and sprawling, live music outside, BYOB. We didn’t, but it was interesting to watch how many people did.Then we went to Dripping Springs, where one interesting shop was just closing up so the owner could go to a funeral, and the other interesting shop was PACKED. Then to Wimberley, then Blanco, then Stonewall, then Fredericksburg. Pretty day, pretty drive, just what I needed.

Because this week is going to be a rough one!

1) Survive testing. I’m just monitoring, but it makes for a LONG day.

2) Finish oilfield book

3) Revisions

4) Work on Booklovers Buffet website

5) Set up ads for Starfish Shores book

6) Format Starfish Shores for print

7) Tryouts for talent show

8) Go to Starving Artist Show this weekend

9) Clean/cook/exercise


Wish me luck!

Cover Reveal–Waltz Back to Texas

I am So. Excited. About this series. Remember all the “miles of Texas” trips Fred and I have been taking? Well, they’ve been inspiration for my new series, Lost in a Boomtown. The first book is Waltz Back to Texas, available for preorder at Amazon.

Welcome to Evansville, a sleepy Texas town on the verge of a boom.

After growing up in a dying town, with only two restaurants, no movie theater, and no future, waitress Cassidy Simon wants out. For once, luck is on her side when the oil boom comes to South Texas. She’s determined to use it for her advantage, starting up an RV park for the oilfield workers to add to her escape fund. She’s never been out of Texas, and she’s itching for adventure.

Grady McKenna couldn’t get away from his family’s ranch fast enough when he was a teenager, but a tour in the Air Force in the Middle East is enough to convince him there’s no place like home. He’s seen the world, had his adventure. Now he’s ready to contribute to his family’s legacy in Evansville.

Naturally, the woman who draws his attention is the one intent on slipping through his fingers. How can he convince her life with him will be all the adventure she needs?

Melyssa Naujoks of Purple Girl Design did a great job with the cover, didn’t she?

waltz back to texas final

Goals the Last Full Week of March


Did you know we have 11 weeks of school left, and because of testing and holidays and other interruptions, only 3 will be regular weeks, when I see all my classes?

This is not one of those weeks. We have Girl Scouts during PE on Wednesday which means I will have All The Boys All Day Long. I will need a jalapeno margarita when I get home, oh, yes, I will.

This is also going to be a crazy writing week for me. I was supposed to have finished Waltz Back to Texas yesterday but spent the day on revisions of The Novella from Hell, which is now the Not-So-Bad-After-All Novella, thanks to a suggestion from Trish (WHY DIDN’T SHE READ IT EARLIER? SPARE ME THE ANGUISH? Ahem.) But I worked on it ALL DAY yesterday, stopping only for a nap and dinner.

So today, I have to read Trish’s novella and get back to Waltz. I’m going to be revising the beginning as I write the end, so that should be interesting.


  1. Finish oilfield book
  2. Read Trish’s SS story
  3. Start novella
  4. Start revisions on oilfield book
  5. Work on Booklovers Buffet website
  6. Figure out Rafflecopter
  7. Update computer so I can publish directly to iTunes
  8. Cook/clean/exercise (I MEAN IT! I’m gaining my weight back and am not happy!)

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