Goals for the Week of CHRISTMAS!!!!

I almost don’t want to look. I’m going to go fast, not even number!

Day with Mom

Go out to breakfast with the family

Cindi’s birthday dinner

Bake cookies

Grocery shopping/get gift cards

Celebrate Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day

Go out to dinner with the family

FINISH MY BOOK! It has to has to has to has to be done before I go back to work! That means I’ll be cutting back on Christmas movies and Facebook!

Cover Reveal–Two Step Temptation

Here it is, book 3 of the Lost in a Boom Town series! It will be out on Baby Brother’s birthday, January 27!

Sage McKenna likes to be in charge. In fact, without her as the driving force, the town of Evansville, Texas, wouldn’t be undergoing such a transformation. She’s the one steering the revitalization of downtown, keeping her fingers in as many pies as she can reach—renovating shops on the square, running the Sagebrush Saloon, making plans for a bed and breakfast. She’s busy night and day, unwilling to give up control of any of her ventures. She certainly has no time for love.

Musician Flynn Tscheulin is trying to build a name for himself, playing his music at small bars across Texas, following his dream. The Sagebrush Saloon in Evansville still smells of sawdust when he pulls in for his three-night commitment. The uptight blonde who runs the place is nothing like he expected, and he’d love to delve beneath her cool exterior and find her inner fire.

One night shakes up all the carefully laid plans, and the two have to adjust the future they’d envisioned. Can they make room for each other?

two step temptation Final

Goals for the Week Before Christmas Vacation!!!!

I survived! Wednesday was a near thing. I was exhausted and barely knew my own name, and wanted to go home so bad! But I survived, and the kids did GREAT. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in my classroom.

This week:

1) Make progress on Two Step

2) Take out ads

3) Start revising

4) Finish wrapping/add last minute gift cards

5) Find a way to keep moving. I was logging more than 10,000 steps a day when we were practicing.

6) Make cookies

7) Faculty meeting

8) Faculty breakfast

Huh. Busier than I expected, but at least no late nights.

Goals for the Second Week of Crazy

So, one show down, one sick dog, and the longest I’ve slept at a stretch is about 4 1/2 hours. In some ways this week will be harder (TWO nights staying until 8) but in some ways, it will be easier (the stage is decorated and all the props are in place. AND I’m taking off Friday.)

But it’s still a busy week.

  1. TWO Christmas programs
  2. faculty meeting
  3. Madrigal Concert
  4. Family Christmas party
  5. bake
  6. Write
  7. Take out ads

Goals for the First Week of Crazy

Well, I got through about half of my to-do list from last week. I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped. I didn’t sleep as much as I hoped (except the first day). No ads, no cover reveal, no website update. We did go to the concert, though we left early because I didn’t feel so great, but I saw the band I liked first.

I did have a lot of family fun time. And I ate a lot.

This week is the first of three Christmas shows, and that is only a part of the craziness this week!

1) Breakfast duty

2) Faculty meeting

3) Christmas program

4) Christmas program practice (my exercise for the week)

5) School Christmas party

6) Tamale festival

7) write

8) start revisions

9) update website

10) get some promo ads



I thought this week would never get here! Just so you know, I slept 10 1/2 hours yesterday, THEN took a 2 hour nap. I was tired! I have a Rosary to go to tonight for a dear childhood friend. Then one day I’m going to do stuff with Mom, and 2 days of solid writing (hopefully!) and one of family, and one of decorating. So….whee!

  1. Cover Reveal for Two Step Temptation
  2. Load Trish’s books on iTunes (just 3 more to go!)
  3. Update website
  4. Promo (ads)
  5. Write
  6. Start revisions
  7. Reckless Kelly concert
  8. day with mom
  9. dinner with family
  10. Make cranberry sauce
  11. sew Groot purse
  12. Clean up Josh’s room
  13. Decorate for Christmas
  14. Christmas shopping
  15. SLEEP!

Goals the Week Before Thanksgiving

This past week!

My internet is spotty–possibly because of the unseasonal cold, possibly because of the overnight updates. But that doesn’t explain why I’m late with this….again!

Yesterday my cousin was here from New Jersey. Well, she was in AUSTIN, so we trekked up there, took her to Salt Lick BBQ and came home. It was fun, but a busy day! Also cold and rainy. But fun!

We get next week off from school, our first holiday since Labor Day, and you can tell everyone needs it! We’re dragging ourselves to the finish line, knowing we’ll have even MORE work after the holiday (including 3 Christmas shows for me.)

This week:

1) Go to the Wolfson House Arts and Crafts show with the family.

2) Write.

3) Submit a new BookBub ad (which I tried to do just now, but internet=wonky).

4) Update website

5) Promote iBooks sale

6) Raise prices on book bundle

7) Stay warm!

Huh. Not so bad. Tuesday is full of things I need to get ready for, but if I survive that…whee!!


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