I thought this week would never get here! Just so you know, I slept 10 1/2 hours yesterday, THEN took a 2 hour nap. I was tired! I have a Rosary to go to tonight for a dear childhood friend. Then one day I’m going to do stuff with Mom, and 2 days of solid writing (hopefully!) and one of family, and one of decorating. So….whee!

  1. Cover Reveal for Two Step Temptation
  2. Load Trish’s books on iTunes (just 3 more to go!)
  3. Update website
  4. Promo (ads)
  5. Write
  6. Start revisions
  7. Reckless Kelly concert
  8. day with mom
  9. dinner with family
  10. Make cranberry sauce
  11. sew Groot purse
  12. Clean up Josh’s room
  13. Decorate for Christmas
  14. Christmas shopping
  15. SLEEP!

Goals the Week Before Thanksgiving

This past week!

My internet is spotty–possibly because of the unseasonal cold, possibly because of the overnight updates. But that doesn’t explain why I’m late with this….again!

Yesterday my cousin was here from New Jersey. Well, she was in AUSTIN, so we trekked up there, took her to Salt Lick BBQ and came home. It was fun, but a busy day! Also cold and rainy. But fun!

We get next week off from school, our first holiday since Labor Day, and you can tell everyone needs it! We’re dragging ourselves to the finish line, knowing we’ll have even MORE work after the holiday (including 3 Christmas shows for me.)

This week:

1) Go to the Wolfson House Arts and Crafts show with the family.

2) Write.

3) Submit a new BookBub ad (which I tried to do just now, but internet=wonky).

4) Update website

5) Promote iBooks sale

6) Raise prices on book bundle

7) Stay warm!

Huh. Not so bad. Tuesday is full of things I need to get ready for, but if I survive that…whee!!


Book Bundle Sale #99cents #StarfishShores #Christmas

Tis the season, right? Trish, Tanya and I decided to put our Christmas book on sale for the next two weeks. Wouldn’t you like to spend Christmas on the beach? If that’s out of the question, check out Swept Away for Christmas, available at the following venues for 99 cents.

AmazonBarnes and Noble and Kobo.


Book Bundle Sale #99cents #HisDangerousTemptation

I have my romantic suspense book bundle, His Dangerous Temptation, on sale this weekend for 99 cents! It includes Midnight Sun, Guarded Hearts and Don’t Look Back. It’s available at all venues through Sunday.

AmazonBarnes and NobleiBooksKobo and Google Play.

His Dangerous Temptation flat version Final

New Release–FREE Holiday Reads! #tinytreats

A couple of months ago, Trish Milburn approached several authors, including me, with the idea of writing a 1000-word Christmas story to be put in a collection with 2 dozen other writers. She edited them and her husband formatted them and did the cover, and it’s now available at as many places as we could think of, free, as our gift to our readers. My story is a tiny Bluestone story. So, check it out!

Barnes and Noble


Goals the Week of Veteran’s Day

So, Josh has moved out, mostly. There are still some things in his closet and the built-in drawers that need to be dealt with, as well as his computer desk. A charity is coming by tomorrow, and I’d like to send along some of the stuff, but I don’t see that happening.

I lost 11,000 words last week because I hadn’t backed up to an external hard drive (though I thought it was on Dropbox) and that was disheartening. Between that and the emotion of Josh moving out, well, I didn’t get much done last week.

This week:

1) Veteran’s Day Program tomorrow

2) PLC meeting on Wednesday (yawn)

3) cook/exercise

4) Send out newsletter–lots of sales this week! I’ve got a BookBub ad running Thursday on His Dangerous Temptation, then we’re putting Swept Away for Christmas on sale, then we have a collection of short short Christmas stories coming out soon. We’re waiting for that one to filter to all the channels before we announce/before I put out my newsletter.

5) WRITE!!! I pushed back the release of this book to the end of January because I’m just stressing. Sad, too, because I love working on it!

Goals for the Week Josh Moves Out :::SOB:::

Fred came through his surgery WAY better than I expected. He never used the crutches, and only took a couple of the pain pills, mostly at night to sleep. He said there’s pain, but not significantly worse than what he was feeling before.

I sold my tickets to the UT game on Saturday because I know I’ll just be thinking about Josh moving out that day. I expect a lot of tears. So different from him leaving for college. I didn’t see him when he lived here the past 2 1/2 months. I’ll never see him once he moves out.

Right now he’s taking up three rooms–one to sleep, one with his furniture and one with his boxes. So this time next week I’ll have three mostly empty rooms.

Yes, I’m crying already.

So, this week:

1) Practice for Veteran’s Day

2) Get costumes for Veteran’s Day

3) PLC meeting (YAWN)

4) Write? Try my damnedest, anyway.


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