New Release–That Wild Texas Swing (Lost in a Boom Town 2)

It’s here! The second book in my Evansville series, Lost in a Boom Town, is out today! I can hardly believe this is my 25th book!

Liz Salazar has a reputation for being wild, and it’s well-earned. But the women of Evansville, Texas, choose to overlook it since she’s an excellent stylist, with her own shop on the square. But when the handsome young mayor shows interest in Liz, that’s a different story. Suddenly everyone has an opinion, and none of them are positive.

Killian Dawson has always toed the line. He continued his father’s legacy by running for mayor, and is leading the town of Evansville through the changes brought about by the oil boom. His one rebellion is his interest in Liz Salazar. He’s had a crush on her for years, and he’s ready to make his move despite the town’s disapproval.

The reaction of the town is predictable, but the more time he spends with her, the more he knows she’s the one for him. And she is ready to change her ways, but not until after taking him on a wild Texas swing.

This book gave me some fits, but I did love these characters. And I LOVE Evansville. I’m working on book 3 now and, well, I don’t want to leave!

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This Wild Texas Swing final

Goals for the Week That Wild Texas Swing Releases

I told Trish the other day that I could not sleep for a week and still not get everything done, between school and writing. We had TWO HOURS on Friday to work at school, and I barely made a dent. This week I’m feeling my way through a new book and doing promo as well, sooooo…..crazy. Let’s not mention that my TiVo is exploding as well. You may notice you’re not seeing me as much on Facebook, lol! Only when I’m really really tired!

So, this week:

1) Work on Two-Step Temptation

2) send out newsletter

3) update back matter in Waltz (I keep putting this off!)

4) Take out some ads for Bluestone when I get my Amazon check

5) guest blog

6) work on short story

7) Professional Learning Community meeting after school on Wednesday. No, I’m not sure what that is.

8) cook maybe? Clean? Exercise? Sew? I was really bad with calories last week, and my scale weighs me at 10 pounds more than the one at school that I used a couple of weeks ago. Oops. I knew the FitBit and the Keurig would be at odds.

So, New Covers and a Bundle

I’ve gotten the rights back and updated two books, Where There’s Smoke, my first book, and A Ghostly Charm, my paranormal. AND I bundled my three stand-alone contemporaries in one. Pretty, no?

a ghostly charm final where theres smoke Final happily ever after Final

Goals for Season Premiere Week

I am so glad I finished my book before season premiere week so I can fully enjoy my PACKED TiVo! I’m not adding much, just a few sitcoms (Marry Me, A to Z, Selfie), Gotham and The Flash. But Monday will be doing double duty pretty much all night!

This week:

Start a new book
Update blog and website
Open House
Update back matter in Waltz
Color hair
Upload book to all retailers
Take out a couple more ads

That should keep me busy.

Goals for the Week of Keeping My Sanity

I almost forgot again! But I did finish my manuscript a couple of hours ago. I’m rewarding myself with Outlander. I have two unwatched episodes.

This week will be busy both at school and for writing.

Revise and format
Write short story
Format Halloween book
Update school website
Faculty meeting
Figure out affiliate links for BN and Amazon
Move Bluestone books from Smashwords to iTunes
Update website and blog with new covers and new links
Cook, clean, exercise

And if you’re wondering, yes, I’ve thought about getting an assistant, but then I’d have to gather all the information to send her, which seems to be about as much work, so I may as well do it myself.

Almost forgot!! Goals the First Regular Week!

I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to post goals before! Yipes!

This week:

1) Finish book (2-3 more chapters)
2) Upload books with reverted rights
3) Send a certified letter asking for more rights back. I gave the letter to Josh, but he forgot to send it certified.
4) Finish pajama pants
5) Faculty meeting
6) color hair/get a cut
7) Cook/exercise/keep up house. I do okay eating during the week, but the weekends–holy cow.

Goals for the Week of Labor Day

Last week was pretty good. The kids were excited to come to music, and even though we didn’t have AC for two days, well, we managed. (Yes, it WAS almost 100 degrees those days!)

Then Fred took me on a road trip to the Junk Gypsies place in Round Top, we ate dinner in Bastrop and were home for the UT game–pretty much a perfect day.

This week:

1) Bust my butt on these revisions.
2) Faculty Meeting
3) Breakfast duty
4) Put up a boxed set of my contemporary romances.
5) reformat one of my books that I got the rights reverted
6) Set up some ads for Wild Texas Swing

Yes, I need a clone. Or maybe an assistant…

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